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Esports Events

Join our community. Challenge other players in your favorite game. Create and participate in tournaments for all of your favorite games. Place wagers on all your favorite events.

Live Events

Watch your favorite esports events and streams here and place wagers on the results.


We make it easy to create and host your tournaments. We track the results, you get to focus on the game!


Step in to the arena and Challenge other users. Put your skills to the test and conquer.

How it works

Earn coin and gems by participating in all the events on our site, making wagers, challenging your friends in your favorite games or throw/join a tournament. Then redeem and win awesome prizes! All delivered right to you! ASAP!

Built by Fans for Fans

Color Schemes

Don't like our EFANTZ red? No problem. You can change your color scheme at anytime.

Ranking System

Most on site actions will earn you XP be it a wager or a fantasy entry.

User Profiles

Customizable user profiles and social networking features help you make EFANTZ your own.

Dispute Resolution

Admin level dispute resolutions make sure we all play fair in challenger mode.

3 Wager Types

We are currently offering 3 distinct wager types with more on the way.

Real Time Updating

We update our pages in real time which means you can sit back and enjoy the game with no need to refresh or hunt for new wagers.

Years Combined XP

The team at EFANTZ has 15+ years combined experience in the games industry.

Issue Resolution

We are here for you and strive to solve any issues within 48 hours of their report.

Daily Events

We are striving to get as many events on live as possible daily. From LoL to DOTA and even custom streams from pro players.

Teams Sponsored

We love the eports community and want to give back by sponsoring pro and up and coming teams.

Supported Games

We are always adding new games, each section comes with its own list of supported games, heres a few we will support.